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High School life

by jar written last 2009-09-23

i was 3rd year high school when i realized that i was really falling for this certain guy in our class. He was one of my group mates in a subject and my seatmate for the whole term.. At first we were enjoying each company as classmates and eventually as friends. Back on our 2nd yr high school days, we were just teasing each other with our crushes, i usually tease him to one of my friends and he usually tease me to one of our classmate.
we never expected to developed feelings for each other, until one night we had a heart to heart to with each other sharing our secrets. At first i was doubting ... read more


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  • Dating & Relationships
    by Pay Tue May13 2014
    How to Make Your Husband Fall in Love With ... How to stop your wife from getting a divorce... Can You Fall In Love With One of Your Ex-Boyfriends? ... 1000 ways to get revenge on someone who cheated; Dating & Relationships; Relationship Stories; Long Distance Relationship Love Story; Relationship Adviceā€Ž; ... read more
  • IS this a true luv or nt????/
    by swati Tue Feb11 2014
    hi..i'm a medical student....i was luv with an engg student..i luved him alot....everyone says us the best couple in the when the the rln become close & close...then our misunderstandings are also increase..he always told me tht don't talk with any guy..don't go with ur frnds..always spend ur time with me....don't go anywhere..i did everything for him one day he told me of his frnd...singdha take alot of care of him thn me...tht word hurts me alot...again he told another girl's name i didn't tell anything to him blindly luv he started fight with me i... read more
  • on the verge
    by britney Fri Jul05 2013
    It hurts so much... Why does it hurt so much? Loving someone shouldn't feel this way but that's how i have been feeling for the past two months.. He is a year younger than me but that's not the issue, it never was. He made his way into my life and it was all fun and good but whenever we had a fight he never tried to see my point.. We never talked about our issues and its all piled up now.. We had a fight a day before and he isn't talking to me.. Why can't he just see through me.. I thought he'd undestand.. He acts like that he doesn't care at all.. None of my friends know about it.. I can't... read more

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