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  • how to moveon for break up..
    by Gerald Thu Feb07 2013

    nuong nagwowork ako pinakilala sa akin ng friend ko si mary ann pocot kinuwa ko number nya at nagkatxt kami and then tinanong ko siya na puwede ako manligaw sa kanya sabi niya sa akin wala na daw liga... Read More

  • heart pain
    by bikram Thu Jan17 2013

    my girl friend break with me.bcoz i dout on her on her birth day nigt ishout on her like any thing.but someof her frend tell me wrong abt her that they iam full drunk,ind i use fault langauge with he... Read More

  • Confession of an A**
    by Nicole Thu Jan10 2013

    I don't know which emotion to process first. I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm broken. Women's intuition, mine is as sharp as it could be and yet I turned a blind eye. He broke my heart and he broke my spirit... Read More

  • Was there ever a more cowardly way to be dumped?
    by N Sun Dec23 2012

    T got depressed in October & wouldn't see me for six weeks. My father died Nov 6th. Nov 14th was my birthday. 1 1/2 weeks later, T disappeared without explanation, not answering my calls & messages. I... Read More

  • From Love To Disaster
    by Anthony Fri Dec21 2012

    I fell in love with a girl from high school.We dated for three years. Then we went to separate colleges. She met someone else, and decided to break up with me by coming to my door with the new boyfrie... Read More

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