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Betrayed By The People I Love And Trust

by Meggie written last 2009-04-28
Meggie felt Like Crap when this was written

A month ago I discovered that my boyfriend has been fooling around with one of our close friends. I was furious. I still am. If murder is not a sin, I would’ve done it twice. Forgiveness is something I can’t explore anytime soon. How can you forgive a friend you allowed into your life and trusted with your secrets but turned out to be a lying biatch and a boyfriend stealer? Should I just try to understand my boyfriend who found it hard to resist a temptation?

Jim and I have been together for three and a half years. Not once did I cheat on him. It never even crossed my mind. I gave him freedom to do whatever he likes and go out with friends as often as he wants. I never doubted his loyalty. I was even considering having kids with him. Little did I know he had a different plan.

His betrayal would have been less painful had he chose another girl and not Mimi. She’s the closest I had to a sister. Mimi and I went to same college. We even shared an apartment for a year before I met Jim. We were family to each other or so I thought.

I learned about their affair when Jim supposedly went on vacation with his “officemates.” Jim didn’t call or email me after he left. I didn’t bother him anymore because I wanted him to enjoy his vacation. Five days into his vacation, I received an email from a friend. She told me she was in the same resort with Jim. I was glad. But my short-lived happiness flew out the window when she told me she saw Jim with another girl. She sent me some photos and told me to see for myself who the girl was. Imagine my shock when I saw Jim and Mimi all over each other. They were hugging and kissing each other like they’re newly weds.

Jim arrived 9 days later to our empty apartment. I burned all his clothes and threw away all his other stuff. I left only the photos my friend took of them. I filed an indefinite leave of absence from my work. I want to go away and heal myself. Now isn’t the right time to confront them. I don’t want to see them or be anywhere near them. No words can exactly describe what I feel right now

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Comments [4]

  • anonymous | 2009-06-23

    He doesn't deserve you. And that friend of yours, is not a friend at all. Awesome that you burned his clothes and threw his stuff away. ;]

  • anonymous | 2009-05-14

    Hmm... Hmm...

  • Francis | 2009-05-08

    Hmm... Hmm...

  • Stephanie | 2009-04-30

    The same thing happened to my friend.Only you did a better job handling the thing. Kudos on burning his clothes!

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