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High School life

by jar written last 2009-09-23
jar felt OK when this was written

i was 3rd year high school when i realized that i was really falling for this certain guy in our class. He was one of my group mates in a subject and my seatmate for the whole term.. At first we were enjoying each company as classmates and eventually as friends. Back on our 2nd yr high school days, we were just teasing each other with our crushes, i usually tease him to one of my friends and he usually tease me to one of our classmate.
we never expected to developed feelings for each other, until one night we had a heart to heart to with each other sharing our secrets. At first i was doubting at first if is it ok to share it with him that i am falling for someone but he was very open to me and told me that its ok so i got the courage to tell him that i like him and i never expected the next scene, he also admits that he liked me ever since the day we were teasing each other. I was very delighted and shocked because it was my first time to hear someone admitting that he likes me. but the happy ending relationship that i thought it was, was never meant to happen....

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