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Depressed and lonely

by Kevin written last 2011-07-17
Kevin felt Like Crap when this was written

it started off when my cousin's alumni batch had a get together... i have a crush there by the name of may.. at first i was gentle and kind to make her feel what im feeling... so after her birthday and a couple days later i was officialy her bf.. at first we were okay but after 3 weeks weve been fighting every single week not all the time though but we were fighting because we dont understand each other... my gf by the way works on a local bar.. and me well i am unemployed but willing to have a job... to prove to her that i have plans for our relationship... we broke up after 3 months of relationship .. the thing that cause that is when my girlfriend had a pic of her ex's and in that pic was her and her ex's kissing each other... at first i was feeling kinda jealous and i said that i was just a little ill tempered about what ive seen... we me and my friend decided to bring my gf to her house... and then i was kinda mad when she got the nerve and said i am not going home instead of going home i wanted to drink... i was mad and furious.... so i decided to be suicidal ... thought that she might stop me and go home... i just wanted her to be a little more concern about our she stop me and then i decided to go home... and feeling lost and mad... i decided to go back again to my gf's house... and ask for forgiveness ... but she wanted to broke up with me and said my attitudes are so stupid... acting like a innocent child... i promised her that i wouldnt do it again... i cried for her... ask my feelings out of my heart... but after all the days... i dont know if she really cared about me,... i love her... still... but she said it is over between us... ever... should i still fight or not...?? that is my story...

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Comments [1]

  • Kevin | 2011-07-17

    Hmm... Hmm... please help me on this one...

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